Record: 52-47 / 4th place / United States Premier League
New Orleans Voodoo



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Legend: (a) = auto-renew at league minimum, T = Team Option, P = Player Option, V = Vesting Option, Arb = Likely arb-eligible
* = players in minors on league minimum deals are only paid 16.5% of their salary while in the minors
Color code: Contract extension, Retained contract
Note: This table is a best-guess, and likely won't match OOTP exactly for auto-renew and arb eligibility.
StatsPlus is ignoring Super Two rules, and also assuming all players on 40-man are in the majors all season.
Pos Player Age 2053 2054 2055 2056 2057 2058
CF Robert Rodríguez 28 $280k Arb Arb Arb
LF Pancho Cháves 24 $280k * $280k (a) $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb
P Ki-moon Sin 24 $280k $280k (a) $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb
1B Andrés Durán 25 $280k $280k (a) Arb Arb Arb
2B Grover Barbaran 35 $280k
CF Charlie Moore 31 $280k
C Masafumi Kawaguchi 34 $10.5M
P Bungay Osiman 32 $5M $5M (T)
2B Mhelter Tejano 32 $4.4M
P Santiago Proximo 32 $10.5M $10.5M $10.5M (T)
P Carlos Rosado 31 $400k Arb Arb
3B Tosya Mndoyants 30 $4M $4M $4M (T)
CF Anthony Roosemont 31 $10M $10M (T)
P Mario Gonzáles 31 $11.4M
P Ángel Díaz 31 $280k * $280k (a) Arb Arb Arb
P Herb Willis 32 $525k Arb Arb
P Huibert Illidge 30 $12.4M $12.4M $12.4M (T)
3B Victor de Bree 29 $12.9M $12.9M $12.9M (T)
3B Nando van der Goor 30 $2.8M
SS Pedro Ramos 29 $5.5M $5.5M $5.5M (T)
P Tim Strong 30 $2.5M $3.5M $3.5M $3.5M (T)
P Amin Yahouse 34 $8.5M (T)
P Mark Springer 30 $280k * $280k (a) $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb
P Pedro Cruz 28 $450k Arb Arb
P Ron Ward 29 $280k * $280k (a) $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb
P Bill Lawrence 29 $525k Arb
2B Chet Davis 30 $5.2M Arb
P Herman Stone 33 $6M $6M (T)
RF Francisco De La Cruz 28 $16M $16M $16M $16M (T)
LF Trent Brown 28 $280k * Arb Arb Arb
3B Liam Hunt 27 $280k * $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb Arb
P Bob Kelso 32 $4.96M
P Ronnie Gómez 29 $1M $1M $1M $1M $1M (T)
LF Obke Veenman 27 $15M $15M $15M $15M (T)
P Anthony Coleman 28 $4.5M $4.5M $4.5M $4.5M $4.5M (T)
P Young-jae Chong 25 $280k $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb Arb
2B Glen Keetley 26 $280k * $280k (a) Arb Arb Arb
C Ben Walters 30 $280k * $280k (a) $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb
P Kevin Swanson 26 $280k * $280k (a) $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb
2B Keng-chi Zhou 25 $280k * $280k (a) $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb
P Melis Ooyendijk 24 $280k $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb Arb
DH Yuan Mo 24 $280k * $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb Arb
C Omar Casteneda Jr. 26 $280k $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb Arb
P Juan González 24 $280k * $280k (a) $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb
C Eduardo López 25 $5M $280k (a) Arb Arb Arb
2B Jerry Cure 23 $280k * $280k (a) $280k (a) $280k (a) Arb Arb
Total $165.84M $106.3M $85.3M $40M $5.5M $0